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  • colour management through the Postscript language with CRD's and CDA's
  • convert complex colour documents to flat representations, e.g. Tiff, PNG
  • modular ICC based colour management since version 9.00 (lcms as default CMM)


Create a CRD with relative colorimetric rendering intent:

 icc2ps ( -o /opt/local/share/color/icc/ISOuncoatedyellowish.icc -t 1 >

Activate the CRD into the resource file:

 echo "/Current /ColorRendering findresource setcolorrendering" >>

Call Ghostscipt to convert the document:

 gs -sDEVICE=tiff32nc -o MyOutputFile.tiff -f FileToProcess.pdf

Use -dUseCIEColor if you want to touch the Cmyk colours. Otherwise leave it as is.

Embedd the profile:

 tifficc -e -i ISOuncoatedyellowish.icc -o ISOuncoatedyellowish.icc MyOutputFile.tiff MyOutputFile_icc.tiff

Probably use the -w option to preserve 16-bit images.

The above approach is dependent on Ghostscript's Postscript interpreter. It uses internally CIEXYZ as PCS. There are clear issues, when it comes to bigger gamut differences. Thus it is not useable to convert to big gamut devices such as the K3 ink jets and other photo printers.


  • Mainsite:
  • news thread about Ghostscript colour management ( with Gerhard Fuernkranz
  • Marti Maria about icc2ps (
  • PLRM ( Postscript Language Reference from Adobe - chapter 7 Rendering
  • a short statement ( about future CM in Ghostscript

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