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CinePaint became its colour management during the work of Stefan Klein at the project. It is ICC based. As an offshot the Oyranos project was started to support interapplication conventions for colour management. This page describes CinePaints colour management.

Table of contents


  • display ICC colour correction
  • preference dialog for default profiles and conversion behaviour (target for Oyranos integration)
  • display / editing / assumed input / proofing profile settings
  • profile missmatch behaviour selectable
  • ICC 8/16-bit editing and corrected viewing
  • 32-bit HDR colour corrected viewing
  • CMYK/Lab/CineonLog editing
  • Cineon profiles are available as part of the Oyranos project at Oyranos download page (
  • on the fly manipulation (look) profiles assignable and useable for conversion
  • film playback with colour correction and effects; slow, needs further improvement
  • capablility to show image colours in an 3D colour viewer including various gamuts (3D histogram) - ICC Examin (
  • littleCMS is a fixed dependency CMM
  • standard paths: /usr/share/color/icc;~/.color/icc + free selectable additional directories
  • one proofing profile per loaded image
  • ICC print separation dialog uses the proofing profile by default
  • for lcms > 1.15 is Cmyk->Cmyk black preserving enabled; non selectable
  • OpenEXR <-> ICC conversion roundtripping (solved with lcms on the fly profiles)
  • BPC is on by default (v0.20-3)
  • Oyranos is the default configurator if available


  • 16-bit XYZ editing and displaying
  • print dialog needs system wide colour management
  • inconsitent colour UI for the legacy Gtk1 version (channel names, alpha handling, partitial colour space specific dialogs)
  • automate Cineon -> ICC profile selection; currently manual
  • tonemapping
  • missed floating point precision colour transforms


Note the actual configuration is done in the Oyranos Configuration Dialog to adhere to system wide user settings.

CM Preferences (v0.22-1):

Image:Ss 0.22-1 preferences.png

CM Preferences without Oyranos (v0.23-0):

Image:Cinepaint screenshot 0.23 en.png

ICC Examin's CinéPaint plug-in showing collapsing colours of a proofed image:



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